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Allari welcomes DANEC as its new customer, expands footprint in South America

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June 25, 2024

June 25, 2024, Naples, FL, USA – Allari, a global AMS provider serving companies worldwide, is delighted to announce its newest customer, DANEC.

DANEC is set to undergo a significant technological transformation with the transition of its infrastructure from AIX to Linux. This strategic move is designed to enhance DANEC’s system performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency. In addition to this infrastructure overhaul, Allari will support DANEC with the implementation of new business services, aimed at further optimizing their processes and improving data management and analytics. To ensure the successful adoption of these new systems, Allari will provide comprehensive training, empowering the DANEC team to leverage the new systems and processes effectively.

“Throughout our history, Allari has always been a seamless extension of our customers’ teams: we invest ourselves in our customers’ business as much as we do in ours. We proactively look to increase their efficiencies and reduce costs, even if it means less revenue for Allari,” shared John Mathieu, Allari's Founder and Managing Partner. “We have built a strong team of IT professionals in LATAM and look forward to a successful implementation of this project,” continued Mr. Mathieu.

These services delivered to DANEC are aimed at empowering the company to achieve greater operational excellence, agility, and competitive advantage in their industry.

About Allari

Established in 1999, Allari has evolved from a JD Edwards ERP implementation and maintenance provider to a comprehensive application managed services (AMS) provider. Today, Allari offers a comprehensive suite of services, including high-level ERP consulting, support and managed services, innovative custom software development, robust cybersecurity solutions, and more. The company has a presence in 11 countries and serves customers in over 35 nations.

Though its global reach has expanded, Allari's essence remains unchanged: a tightly woven family unit deeply committed to its customers. The company seamlessly integrates into its clients' teams, sharing their steadfast drive to optimize their technology stack performance and assisting them in their digital transformation journeys. Allari’s unwavering dedication is evident in its impeccable record—a 100% customer retention rate over the past three years and an industry-redefining 78 Net Promoter Score (NPS), along with 100% of customers being satisfied or very satisfied, based on Allari's 2023 Customer Experience Survey.


Danec S.A. was created in 1972 in Ecuador to meet the needs of the national market in the sectors of fats, edible oils, and bar soaps. We are the first company in the country that refined African palm to produce oils, butters, margarines, and soaps. Since then, we have been among the top manufacturers and suppliers of products derived from fats and oils in Ecuador. We are known for our continuous improvement, both in modernizing our plant’s equipment and in developing our personnel’s processes and activities, all within the ISO 9001 quality management model.

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