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Easy & Transparent Partnerships

No rigid contracts, no fee commitments. We value genuine relationships over paperwork. We got your back.

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Truly Focused on You

Our unique People, Processes, Technology platform ensures we design solutions centered around you. We want you to shine.

Allari - Software Wizardry

Software Wizardry at Work

Extensive experience in programming languages, databases, platforms. Plus, your full ownership of code.

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Steadfast Global Support

Aligned with your time zone, our support stands by 24/7—holidays, weekends, always.

Allari - Source Code Ownership

Elite Software Developers

Handpicked through meticulous interviews, our elite software developers are experts in Agile, Scrum, and Kanban methodologies.

Allari - Transparent Operations

Transparent Operations

Stay in the know with instant insights into progress, budgets, and challenges.

Allari - Accountability

True Accountability

Backed by strong SLAs and absolute steadfast dedication to your success.

Allari - IP Guardianship

Your IP Guardianship

We guard your IP with the highest priority. Ask us about Allari’s Customer IP Safeguarding protocols. 

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Common questions about our services and approach.

What are some of the lean software development practices?

Lean software development adapts lean manufacturing principles to software creation, emphasizing value maximization and waste minimization. Key practices include Kanban workflows, test-driven development (TDD), and developing minimal marketable features (MMF).

How do I ensure the successful outsourcing of my software development?

• Clearly Define Project Scope and Requirements • Research potential vendors thoroughly. Check their portfolios, references, and reviews. • Choose a vendor whose skills match your project needs. Consider factors like company size, language, time zone, and cultural compatibility. • Establish preferred communications methods and schedules for updates and feedback. • Have detailed contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and project documentation. • Use project management tools to track progress and maintain an organized workflow. • Ensure the vendor has a strong QA process to deliver high-quality software. • Make sure your agreement clearly states that your company retains IP rights to the developed software. • Ensure the vendor provides maintenance and support after deployment.

What are the benefits of a staff augmentation company?

Using a staff augmentation company offers several advantages: Specialized Skills: Quickly access experts for specific tasks or projects. Workforce Flexibility: Easily adjust team size based on project requirements, without long-term obligations. Cost Savings: More affordable than hiring full-time staff for short-term projects. Quick Recruitment: Faster hiring process compared to traditional methods. Minimal Training Needed: Augmented staff are usually skilled and need little training. Lower Risk: Reduced hiring risks with the option to terminate contracts as necessary. Administrative Simplicity: HR, payroll, and other administrative duties are managed by the augmentation company.

What are the different types of staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation can be categorized into several types based on the nature of work, the duration of engagement, and the level of expertise required: • Short-Term Augmentation: Hiring staff for immediate, short-term needs to meet project deadlines or cover temporary absences. • Long-Term Augmentation: Engaging personnel for extended periods, often for long-term projects or ongoing work without a fixed end date. • Commodity: Providing staff that possess non-specialized skills for tasks that don't require specialized training. • Skill-Based: Offering professionals with specific skill sets for specialized tasks, which can be technical or non-technical. • Highly Skilled Experts: Supplying top-level experts with advanced knowledge and experience for complex projects or initiatives. Each type serves different business needs, from filling gaps in a workforce to providing specialized expertise that isn't available in-house.

What are the pros and cons of staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation has its pros and cons: Pros: • Flexibility: Easily adjust workforce size based on project requirements. • Access to Specialized Skills: Quickly acquire specific expertise. • Cost Efficiency: Often cheaper than hiring full-time employees for short-term needs. • Control: Direct oversight of the augmented staff. Cons: • Management Overhead: Requires effective coordination and management. • Cultural Fit: Augmented staff may not always align with company culture. • Training Needs: Time and resources may be needed to bring augmented staff up to speed. • Dependency: Risk of becoming reliant on external resources.

What is the difference between increase staff and augment staff?

Increasing staff typically means hiring additional full-time or part-time employees, expanding the permanent workforce of the company. In contrast, staff augmentation refers to temporarily adding specialized personnel, usually through a third-party provider, to supplement the existing team for specific projects or needs without expanding the permanent staff. Augmentation is more flexible and often used to address short-term skill gaps or project demands.

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