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Allari: 25 Years of Innovation & Customer Excellence

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January 4, 2024

January 4, 2024, Naples, FL, USA – Allari, a US-based technology solutions provider serving companies worldwide, is pleased to announce its 25-year anniversary commemoration.

This milestone reflects a period of extraordinary achievement in Allari’s customer-centric service. The company proudly announces its recent 2023 Customer Experience Survey results, highlighting Allari’s remarkable success: a 100% customer retention rate for the last five years, a rate that surpasses the industry average of 77%, and an impressive 78 Net Promoter Score (NPS), eclipsing the top industry figures of 64.

In celebrating this landmark anniversary, Allari is strategically bolstering its market position through significant growth initiatives. These include the recruitment of two seasoned senior executives and an expansion of its service offerings. In addition to its core JD Edwards consulting services, Allari is now placing a heightened emphasis on custom software development and ERP consulting services, among other areas.

John Mathieu, Allari's Founder and Managing Partner, states: "Since our inception in 1999, Allari has transformed from a modest JD Edwards support startup into an elite technology solutions provider, spanning 11 countries and delivering services in over 35 nations. Our journey, marked by the remarkable loyalty of our customers and the exceptional dedication of our team, has positioned us as the preferred tech experts for more than 80 companies over the years. The recent addition of two senior executives marks the beginning of an even more ambitious chapter: we are poised for even greater growth and are excited about future opportunities."

Ravi Madhavan, Allari's Managing Partner, shares: "Our team's relentless drive for improvement and innovation has been the cornerstone of our success. With the People. Processes. Technology. framework, we've cultivated an environment where our staff excels in delivering prompt and expert services. This approach has led to industry-leading customer satisfaction and significant growth for Allari, a testament to the collective effort and pride of our entire team."

About Allari

Established in 1999, Allari has evolved from a JD Edwards ERP implementation and maintenance provider to a comprehensive technology consulting services firm. Today, Allari offers a broad suite of services, including high-level ERP consulting and managed services, innovative custom software development, robust cybersecurity solutions, and more. The company has a presence in 11 countries and serves customers in over 35 nations.

Though its global reach has expanded, Allari's essence remains unchanged: a tightly woven family unit deeply committed to its customers. The company seamlessly integrates into its clients' teams, sharing their steadfast drive to optimize their technology stack performance and assisting them in their digital transformation journeys. Allari’s unwavering dedication is evident in its impeccable record—a 100% customer retention rate over the past five years and an industry-redefining 78 Net Promoter Score (NPS), along with 100% of customers being satisfied or very satisfied, based on Allari's 2023 Customer Experience Survey.

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