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Your needs, goals, and objectives, paired with Allari know-how and unparalleled dedication, pave the way for remarkable software development results for you and your company.

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Let's dive right in, and, together, we will map out a clear journey, from brainstorming to budgeting and software development project deliverables. Be it custom software, transitioning to cloud applications, or breathing new life into your legacy systems—you can count on us.  

Your needs, goals, and objectives, paired with Allari know-how and unparalleled dedication, pave the way for remarkable achievements for you and your company. 

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Our software developers are skilled in most popular languages and platforms:

Allari’s custom software development services

At a glance

Allari - Web Development

Web Application Development

User-centric, mobile-first web applications focused on delighting your visitors.

Mobile Web development

Mobile Application Development

Modern, forward-thinking apps optimized for iOS, Android, and Windows devices developed for maximum impact.

Allari - full stack software development

Full stack software development

Unique, built-just-for-you software. And you own every piece of code we write for you.

Allari - full stack development

Enterprise Software Development

Elevate your large-scale operations with comprehensive ERP software development solutions to drive efficiency.

Allari - e-commerce development

E-commerce Development

Let's drive consistent sales and boost your bottom line effortlessly with tailored development for seamless shopping journeys.

Allari - Content Management systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) Development

Empower your team with intuitive platforms for easy content management, to get more done, in less time. And deliver more value.

Allari - database administration

Database Design & Development

Safeguard your data with optimized databases for secure storage and intuitive operation. Your data's safety - our priority.

Allari - Systems integration

Software Integration

Seamlessly connect your software systems and third-party apps, fostering transparency and harmony across your technology stack.

Front End development

Front-end & UI/UX Development

Catapult your software to the forefront of your technology stack and industry with our steadfast commitment to delighting users.

Allari - back end development

Back-end software development

Leverage our full stack software development expertise for a reliable server, database, and great application performance.

API Integrations

API Development & Integration

Streamline your software processes with custom-built APIs and seamless third-party integrations.

Allari - QA testing

Software Testing & QA

Our rigorous methodologies ensure top-quality software development outcomes. Rest easy knowing we are committed to your success.

Software maintenance and support

Software Maintenance & Support

Whether it's weekends, late nights, or holidays, we're always here. And we’ve always got your back with unwavering post-launch care.

Dev Opps- Allari

DevOps & CI/CD

Fast-track your project timelines, enhance team collaboration, and enjoy the confidence of consistent, automated releases.

Embedded firmware

Embedded Systems & Firmware Development

Unlock optimal performance with software tailored for your hardware needs, ensuring your systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Firmware Consulting

Software Consulting

From strategic planning to tech selections, our meticulous oversight ensures every requirement is met on your journey.

Success Story

Highland Ag Solutions Leverages Allari's IT Expertise for 50% Cost Reduction and Enhanced Agricultural Software Development.

Nearshore Custom Software Development Services Client


HAS was expanding its software solutions for the agriculture industry but encountered several hurdles:
  • Difficulty in hiring local talent.
  • Time-zone challenges with their U.S.-based and India teams.
  • High costs associated with U.S.-based development.
  • Incompatibility with a Mexican software development firm.
  • Overwhelmed internal team with recruitment tasks.


Allari provided a multifaceted approach to aid HAS's growth:
  • Provided staff augmentation services:
  • Supplied a team of full-stack developers, QA testers, and UI/UX specialists.
  • Provided database administration services.
  • Facilitated mobile development outsourcing.


Through Allari's strategic IT support, Highland Ag Solutions is poised to enhance agricultural efficiency and productivity on a global scale.
  • Achieved a 50% cost reduction compared to in-house staffing for HAS.
  • Enhanced several product databases' performance by optimizing application-related issues.

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Common questions about software development and approach

What are some of the lean software development practices?

Lean software development adapts lean manufacturing principles to software creation, emphasizing value maximization and waste minimization. Key practices include Kanban workflows, test-driven development (TDD), and developing minimal marketable features (MMF).

How do I ensure the successful outsourcing of my software development?

• Clearly Define Project Scope and Requirements • Research potential vendors thoroughly. Check their portfolios, references, and reviews. • Choose a vendor whose skills match your project needs. Consider factors like company size, language, time zone, and cultural compatibility. • Establish preferred communications methods and schedules for updates and feedback. • Have detailed contracts, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and project documentation. • Use project management tools to track progress and maintain an organized workflow. • Ensure the vendor has a strong QA process to deliver high-quality software. • Make sure your agreement clearly states that your company retains IP rights to the developed software. • Ensure the vendor provides maintenance and support after deployment.

What are the most popular technology stacks of 2023?

In 2023, popular software tech stacks include: (1) MEAN Stack: MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js; efficient for mobile/web app development. (2) MERN Stack: Replaces Angular in MEAN with React; offers strong libraries and extensive documentation for full-stack development. (3) MEVN Stack: Substitutes Angular.js in MEAN with Vue.js; lightweight, easy to use, great for web apps. (4) Ruby on Rails: Favored for quick development of diverse applications, especially with complex business logic on a budget. (5) Flutter: Uses Dart for cross-platform mobile app development, overcoming some limitations of stacks like LAMP or MERN. (6) LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP combo; known for performance and flexibility.

What are the software development life cycles?

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) guides the creation of high-quality software, ensuring it meets customer expectations and is efficient and defect-free. It involves: Requirement Analysis: Gathering and analyzing stakeholder needs. Design: Creating system architecture and design documents. Implementation: Coding based on designs using programming tools. Testing: Checking for defects and verifying requirement fulfillment. Deployment: Releasing the software for user access. Maintenance: Ongoing updates and enhancements. SDLC ensures deliverables for each phase and adopts various models like Waterfall, Agile, Spiral, and DevOps, each with unique approaches.

What are the top three considerations when selecting a software development company?

When choosing a software development company, consider: Expertise and Technical Skills: Ensure they have proven skills in relevant technologies. Assess their portfolio and case studies for capability. Project Understanding and Approach: The company should grasp your project goals and present a strategic approach, including project management and communication methods. Client Reviews and References: Check previous client feedback to evaluate the company's reliability, work quality, and adherence to timelines and budgets.

What is the full stack developer's range of services?

A full-stack developer provides comprehensive services, including front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), back-end development (using languages like Python, Ruby), database management, version control with Git, API development, UI/UX design, server management, testing and quality assurance, application security, ongoing maintenance, and DevOps practices for automated deployment.