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Allari Partners with Vonahi Security

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August 1, 2022

Allari is happy to announce its new strategic partnership with Vonahi Security to enhance its service offerings by integrating automated penetration testing. This collaboration is set to benefit both existing and prospective clients.

Understanding the pivotal role of penetration testing in mitigating cybersecurity risks, Allari has been keen to augment its suite of services, which includes Vulnerability Management, Managed Detection and Response (MDR), and Security Operations Center (SOC) support. Traditional penetration testing methods often involve manually intensive processes conducted by highly specialized consultants. This approach not only incurs significant costs but also faces scheduling challenges, making it a less frequent activity for many companies.

Vonahi Security's innovative solution, the vPentest platform, addresses these challenges head-on. By automating the penetration testing process, vPentest offers a cost-efficient alternative, reducing expenses by about 60% compared to traditional manual tests. This cost efficiency empowers continuous testing, moving away from the limited one-off test model.

Allari's integration of vPentest into its cybersecurity framework involves a comprehensive approach. Our team not only implements and executes the automated tests within our clients' environments but also dedicates efforts to review, analyze, and succinctly summarize the findings. More importantly, Allari is equipped to provide actionable recommendations and implement changes based on the insights derived from vPentest results, thereby enhancing our clients' cybersecurity posture with efficiency and expertise.

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