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Digital infrastructure and systems are becoming increasingly complex, comprehensive and integrated. Dependencies and vulnerabilities are progressively emerging across areas of responsibility. Successful digitalization includes making sure that the solutions provided appropriately accommodate demands for the security and privacy, and that everyone can be confident that the digital services will function as they should.

However, the sheer speed of technological evolution makes it extremely difficult to forecast which threats will dominate tomorrow's threat landscape. Regardless, it is likely that specific types of threats such as ransomware, industrial espionage, sabotage, blackmail, cyber-bullying and identity theft will remain prominent over the coming years. These are threats that can be targeted at private individuals and companies alike, with severe consequences for those affected.

Michael McDermott

Managing Director

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Having been hit by a ransomware attack needed to prioritize cybersecurity to minimize the risk of being attacked again as well as make sure recovery is fast and less painful in case of another attack. The small IT team needed help to assess the current cybersecurity state including tools, process, and compliance. Then they also needed help to execute the day to day cybersecurity analyst role utilizing advanced platforms and tools such as Darktrace, Sophos and Mimecast.

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