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Allari Technology Unleashed since 1999

Our story. In a nutshell.

Established in 1999, Allari stands as a premier US-based technology development company, boasting a footprint in 11 countries and serving customers across 35+ nations. Originally a JD Edwards ERP implementation and maintenance provider, Allari evolved to offer comprehensive technology consulting services, including ERP-level consulting, custom software development solutions, cloud-native software applications, legacy systems modernization, and full stack software development services, including staff augmentation services.

Though our global reach has expanded, our essence remains unaltered: a tightly woven family unit deeply committed to our customers. We seamlessly integrate into our clients' teams, sharing their steadfast drive to optimize their technology stack performance and helping them navigate through their digital transformation journeys. Our unwavering dedication resonates in our impeccable record—a 100% customer retention rate over the past five years and a stunning 100% of satisfied and very satisfied customers based on Allari's 2023 Customer Experience Survey.

Customers are at the
heart of all we do

Team Augmentation Services


It's all about teamwork and empowerment

We believe in our team. We're all about empowering each other, helping each other grow, learning new technologies, and making sure everyone's got the tools they need. At the end of the day, it's our combined strengths that make us awesome and help us make our customers happy

Allari - Process Integration


Streamlined and crystal clear

We like to keep things straightforward. No intricate procedures, just clear, thorough steps to get the job done right, leaving no stone unturned. The result? Top-notch technology solutions, including software development services, without any hiccups, exactly the way our customers want it. 

Allari - Technology Platform


Crafting solutions that last

We are tech nerds at heart. We love finding and using the coolest, latest tools. But more than chasing the 'new', we're committed to building technology that endures. It's all about offering our customers  advanced solutions that consistently deliver, time and time again.

Allari - people, processes, technology

Our team

Here, we are all about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Half of our management team is composed of incredible women! Our team is like a mini world, with people from all kinds of backgrounds and races, representing numerous countries. We firmly believe that our differences make us stronger and more creative. And every day, we ensure that our workplace is inclusive and fair for everyone!

We look forward to introducing you to the rest of our fabulous expert team of consultants and software developers. In the meantime, please meet our leadership team.

John Mathieu - Managing Partner - Allari

John Mathieu

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Managing Partner

After graduating on top of his class at Bentley University, John Mathieu took a surprising leap into IT, embarking on an intensive year-long RPG coding program, paving the way for a career in software development.

Soon, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to work independently, taking on Y2K projects for Boston's State Street Bank. His mastery of RPG code, vital to JD Edwards' tools, positioned him at the heart of AFC Cable's pioneering JD Edward Implementation in New England. Spotting a niche, John assembled and trained a project implementation team, laying the groundwork for what would become Allari. 

Silicon Valley took notice, especially Wintec Industries, where John transformed a struggling JD Edwards initiative. His path then converged with Ravi's at Westcon in New York in 2000, marking a turning point in Allari's journey. With John at the helm, Allari has grown from a solo venture to a global force across 11 countries, supporting customers in over 35. Driven by customer-centric values, John's leadership epitomizes Allari's mission: unparalleled solutions for Allari’s customers with a heartfelt approach.

Ravi Madhavan

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Managing Partner

Since joining Allari in 2000 as a Managing Partner, Ravi Madhavan has been a pivotal force behind the company's technological innovation and growth. As the leader of technology innovations at Allari, Ravi employs business intelligence, ERP, and diverse IT solutions to tackle client challenges head-on. Beyond tech, he champions the overall growth of Allari, fostering a team that excels in service delivery, market outreach, and financial stewardship.

Ravi boasts a rich academic background, holding a BAE in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MSE in Industrial Engineering from the University of South Florida. His leadership is further enriched by influential roles at prominent firms like Grant Thornton LLP, Amatek, Inc., and Johnson & Johnson.

Ravi's driving philosophy? "In an increasingly digital and dynamic world, our customers face mounting challenges. Our goal is to steer them through this complexity, ensuring top-tier customer experiences, nurturing leadership within our team, and refining the tech and processes that underpin customer success."

Ravi Madhavan - Allari
Aliona Groh - Allari

Aliona Groh

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Managing Director, Growth Marketing

In September 2023, Aliona “Ali” Groh embraced a game-changing role at Allari, taking charge of the company’s branding and growth endeavors. With a solid two-decade marketing experience, and over 12 of those years deep in the tech arena, Ali is an expert at crafting enhanced customer experiences, building global brands, and steering worldwide growth initiatives.

Notably, she led global growth campaigns at Embraer, a renowned aircraft manufacturer, and recently reshaped the global brand identity of Adacel, a top-tier air traffic control and management solutions provider. Ali boasts an MBA in Marketing from the University of Phoenix and holds the distinction of being among the very first MBA Marketing graduates from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova.

Ali’s vision for Allari is clear-cut: Make every interaction a 5-star experience. "Be it our website, our social media presence, that initial phone chat, or the final product delivery - excellence is our consistent promise to our customers."

Corinne DiSalvo

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Managing Director, Sales

In January 2024, Allari welcomed its new Managing Director, Sales, Corinne DiSalvo, to its team. A graduate of Ohio University College of Business Administration, Marketing, Corinne is a seasoned sales leader with over 13 years of experience.

In her new role, Corinne will drive Allari's business development strategies, working closely with Allari’s leadership and team members to ensure the company delivers the most value and the highest possible experience for its customers.  

Over the years, Corinne has built solid relationships with her clients, earning a reputation as a sincere, trusted advisor who always prioritizes their needs. Her peers recognize her as an energetic, articulate, and determined team player, always ready to engage and excel in the field of sales.

Corinne DiSalvo
Chris Metzer - Allari

Chris Metzger

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Managing Director, Global Operations

Since joining Allari in 2014, Chris Metzger has played an instrumental role in the company’s growth, leveraging his extensive expertise in business development and operations management. In the early days of his career at Allari, Chris championed the brand expansion as a strong believer in the benefits of transparent, consumption-based IT support. 

His visionary approach led him to transition into service operations by 2020, where he is spearheading Allari’s global solutions. Under his leadership, the operational side of the business quickly expanded, more than doubling in capacity and scope. This rapid growth presented fresh challenges and innovative ways to consistently outpace customer expectations. 

Today, Chris continues to lead from the front. He is dedicated to nurturing strong, enduring relationships with Allari’s clients. His unwavering commitment to refining Allari's core pillars - people, processes, and technology - guarantees a customer experience that's second to none.

Milton Suarez

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Managing Director, Technology

Milton embarked on his journey with Allari in 2012, as a skilled System Architect. Boasting over 15 years of experience, he was soon promoted to Allari’s Managing Director. Milton's harnesses technology as a catalyst for business innovation and success. Under his guidance, Allari's team has been crafting robust, secure, and scalable IT frameworks that propel organizations toward their strategic ambitions.

Having a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Master's in Cybersecurity, Milton's notable successes include steering intricate IT projects and leading result-driven teams, always with an eye on tailoring technology solutions for impactful business outcomes.

The driving force behind Milton’s motivation? “An unwavering commitment to cybersecurity, steering digital transformation, and devising cost-efficient IT strategies to ensure our customers are poised to prosper in a swiftly changing digital world.”

Milton -Allari

A journey over the years. 

Empowering a growing customer community


John Mathieu lays the foundation for Allari, successfully completing several projects at customer locations to rectify failed JD Edwards ERP implementations.


Allari incorporates while leading JDE EnterpriseOne implementation at Wintec Industries. Westcon Group partners with Allari for software support.


Ravi Madhavan joins Allari while collaborating with John on Westcon Group’s JDE ERP implementation.


Allari expands JDE services to Westcon locations globally. Brooks and WCI join Allari’s growing list of software support customers. Allari enters into a partnership with Deloitte.


A landmark year for Allari, with new software development and JDE ERP support contracts from Symmons, JA Webster, Shell Oil, Olympus, Murata and more.


New partnerships with Air Jamaica, OUC, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, and 10 other new customers, solidify Allari’s reputation in software development and JDE support.


Allari welcomes Interstate Batteries, CLK Management, and Andrx to its family of satisfied customers. A strategic partnership with KPMG is forged.


Five years in, Allari pivots from Consulting to a Managed Services model. Korbel, MellonInvestors, Robins, and Interface become new clients.


Allari revamps Havi Global's legacy ERP system.


Allari welcomes and expands its software support and development collaboration with F. Schumacher.


Highland AG opts for Allari's comprehensive software development services, including full stack software development and team augmentation services. Renewed global support agreement with W.L. Gore.


Columbia Pipe and Speedling contract Allari to optimize their JDE ERP systems. Allari expands its MSP services into database management, software development, and business analysis services.


Key tech stack support contracts signed with Hines Real Estate and Columbia Pipe.


A landmark partnership with W.L. Gore begins.


Allari adopts a Global Distributed Workforce Model, expanding to India and Ecuador.


HillermannTyton signs major contract with Allari for software development and JD Edwards ERP support. 


Wilbur Ellis, Ruppert Nurseries, LeasePlan are just some of the new customers this year. Allari enters a partnership with ConnectWise. 


Allari adopts IT-as-a-Service for transparency and enhanced customer value. New clients, including Raynor Garage Doors, Allegiant Health, Saputo and Sematech, come on board. SAP partnership established. 


Allari unveils its service delivery platform, establishes a Cyber Security practice, and expands to Ecuador.


New clients include Channellock and Geneva Watch Group. The company makes a major investment in its operations management team.


Allari establishes SOC-as-a-Service (Security Operations Center-as-a-Service). A highly successful Guidewire partnership has started. 


Business ties forged with Darkface, and Qualys.


Nutec, Intaco, Naples Pathway Coalition are just some of the new software support customers. Allari implements highly successful JD Edwards 9.2 projects, including PowerBI and cloud solutions.


Allari creates an elite JD Edwards team in Brazil, obtains TBN certification, and delivers software development services to its newest customer, Goldbug.


New software development partnerships with Utah Transit Authority and HellermannTyton among others. Expansion to Mexico.


Highland AG opts for Allari's comprehensive software development services, including full stack software development and team augmentation services. Renewed global support agreement with W.L. Gore.

25-years of success

On January 25, 2024, Allari marked a significant milestone: its 25th anniversary. The occasion was filled with jubilation, and rightfully so. With a growing, highly motivated team, devoted to its craft, and a customer base boasting an exceptional Net Promoter Score of 78 (far surpassing the industry's average of 40-64), there was much cause for celebration. With an expansion of its services, Allari is paving the way for even greater success in the years to come.

A journey over the years 

Empowering a growing customer community