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IT Services for the lean IT Department

With no long-term commitment or minimum-use requirement, getting started with Allari’s consumption-based ITaaS model is risk free.

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Application Support

Application Support provides business analysis and development support to corporate applications to execute daily operational activities through a financially-backed service level agreement.We design and execute a delivery model using a phased approach to understand the client’s needs, business, processes and how Allari can best integrate and improve the client’s Applications.This service supports ERP, Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools across a wide variety of technology platforms and can also be combined with Allari’s EPS Service for infrastructure services related to the client’s applications for a more complete managed services solution. Scope Business Intelligence and Analytics Microsoft Excel, PowerPivot, Oracle Business Intelligence, JD Edwards OneView Reporting, Oracle BI Publisher Reporting Business Process Expertise Business Process Expertise in Financials, Manufacturing, Planning, Sales Order Management and Supply Chain Enterprise Resource Planning JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Phased Approach 1. Planning - Understanding requirements, business goals and strategy to develop plan to [...]


Product Spotlight: AIS for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Software

The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne AIS (Application Interface Services) platform provides the necessary technology for your E1 environment to easily communicate with a wealth of mobile and IoT applications. WHAT IS AIS? Understand how the light-weight AIS technology enables Mobility and IoT orchestration for E1 applications and forms in this overview article, and learn why it's a superior choice over BSSV for custom development. WHO'S USING IT? The world has gone mobile, and so have your customers. This video case study shows how Australian Agricultural Co. is leveraging AIS to keep their E1 data and application connected in real-time to the field like never before. HOW CAN IT HELP YOU? Gain a better understanding of the growing need for Mobility Integration for Business Applications with this shareable report, JDE EnterpriseOne Mobile Solution. It showcases many of the ways [...]


Spotlight: ‘as-a-Service’ Model for JDE CNC Support

This Spotlight explores the use of a consumption-based, 'as-a-Service' IT support model (ITaaS) for JD Edwards CNC administration, an approach which can lower cost, increase accountability and enable greater flexibility for its customers.



Excited to get your EnterpriseOne (E1) software connected to the Internet of Things? Well, Oracle has just the tool to make creating orchestrations a breeze. It's called Orchestrator Studio. It is easy to use. You simply drag and drop, enter the application name and feed the data straight into E1 via your Application Interface Services (AIS) server. That is right, when the AIS Server (a REST services server) is configured with the E1 HTML Server, access to the E1 forms and data becomes possible. Essentially, AIS is the foundation of the Orchestrator studio.  View AIS Installation Project Time & Cost Details There are many ways to use Orchestrator. One use case could be to have an orchestration triggered based on a scheduled event. Let’s take dynamic pricing as an example. The price of gold is constantly in flux. The business requires this data to [...]


Software Administration

We have been a trusted technology partner for corporate IT departments for 20 years. When it comes to software administration, we have worked with most of the products in the marketplace and many home grown. We have executed hundreds of thousands of tasks. We also have a history of resolving issues quickly. And if we can't, we will work with your software provider on your behalf to get the fix in place. The amount of software products that we have provided system administration for is vast.  So vast, it is just better that we give you the specific areas of IT we excel: Monitoring & Control IT Operations – Job scheduling, routine batch jobs/scripts including backups and restores Server & Mainframe Management & Support – System Administration Storage & Archive Database Services ERP Administration Directory Services Management Middleware Management Internet/Web Management IT Service Continuity Management Information Security [...]


PowerPivot Your Data

Users of MS Excel 2013 or above have BI capabilities built in with PowerPivot; a powerful, low-cost solution for collecting and analyzing data. Microsoft continues to stand out as a leader with both, a completeness of vision and a high ability to execute. What is PowerPivot? It's a data modeler that is a built in extension for Excel2013 and above.  It allows you to import millions of records from multiple data sources, model the data with logic and calculations and present them using Excel.  All of this is done at the desktop,  In addition it can be shared via Sharepoint or Power BI.  See graphic below. Where Does the Power Come From? The major benefits and the power added to the standard Pivot Table and VLookup functionality in standard Excel are as follows: Instant linking and splicing of data sets (entire [...]


Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)

So you have hundreds of users and multiple JAS instances. As you know each JAS instance only supports up to 50 users. And as your user count climbs, the java instance uses more memory. Sometimes we see new customers having specific users signing on to specific urls vs having them balanced across all of the instances. Oracle's HTTP Server (OHS) allows you to spread the users around the various JAS instances so that performance is balanced. The user however only knows their one user access and is blind to what is going on behind the scenes. In addition, if you need to maintain a server, you can easily pull that server out of the cluster and the users will not notice. Once you are done repairing it, you can add it back in without requiring users [...]


AIS Installation

Is it time for your organization to leverage mobile devices? If you are using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, then you will need Application Interface Services (AIS). Why? In a nutshell, AIS provides the necessary technology for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP software to communicate with mobile applications. EnterpriseOne and mobile devices are leveraging a type of Java called JSON which stands for JavaScript Object Notation. These scripts written in Java are being executed over a communication protocol called REST which stands for Representational State Transfer. What platforms can AIS run on? Linux Oracle Solaris / WebLogic Server Microsoft Windows HP-UX IBM, IBM AIX / WebSphere Application Server  What mobile clients can leverage AIS? Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) EnterpriseOne ADF Java API IoT devices In terms of functions, AIS has helped increased productivity in many different sectors, as it has in the maritime industry for [...]


Cross Reference Generation

In JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, you can view relationships between objects and their components. This feature is invaluable to developers. For example, you can do the following: Cross-reference all applications in which a specific field is used. Display all fields within a business view. Identify each instance in which a business function is used. View a list of forms within an application. Keep in mind that the Cross Reference data is not automatically updated when you add or modify objects. You must rebuild the relationships to include new information. Schedule        Weekend (Preferably not Month End) The schedule of this task greatly depends upon your development activity. We typically recommend running this job twice a year and only for the development environment. Estimated Time        2-4 Hours If you have not run this job before, it will take 1-2 days [...]


Desktop Support

Allari's Desktop Support service is designed to provide flexible and reliable enterprise level technology support while minimizing corporate overhead expenses. The EDS Service leverages a variety of IT teams to support client’s various needs and serve as the single point of contact. Engineers remotely assist with technical support of end user computing devices such as thin clients, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Support includes hardware troubleshooting, software installation/upgrades, software & operating system updates, security patch updates, technology selection, configuration & settings changes as well as maintenance of operating system & applications. 24/7 AVAILABILITY North America handles calls during its standard office hours and at the end of this period, responsibility is handed over to South America-based desk. This desk handles calls and then hands calls over to an Asia Pacific-based desk which finally hands back responsibility to the North America to complete the [...]


LDAP Integration to EnterpriseOne

If you are using E1, every application you use will require E1 to validate your user ID and your digital signature. These queries will become a bottleneck. Instead, E1 can use LDAP which allows E1 to offload the user validation workload and gain significant performance improvement. In addition, companies that use LDAP for many applications can also use it for JDE eliminating the need for both administrators and users to add, delete and make regular password changes in both places. Does AD work with E1? If you are not a savvy networking geek, you may have some confusion about this initiative. For example, you will see that E1 works with LDAP. You know that your company uses AD. You may even spend some time researching if E1 works with AD. The search results don’t really give an answer. Well I am here to [...]


Get 21 CFR 11 Compliant

Transparency and fairness must prevail for electronic records and signatures to be considered valid which is where CFR Part 11 of the Code of Federal Regulations finds its relevance. While it gives companies the guidelines to do this successfully and succinctly, Oracle EnterpriseOne gives companies the platform and controls to implement it in just 15 steps. To learn more about 11CFR 21 please check out our blog article. Oracle's EnterpriseOne With that said, ERP systems have had to build this functionality into their software products to stay competivite. Oracle's “JD Edwards Enterprise One: Governance, Risk, and Compliance” solution document lists the modalities of building an effective control system. This includes: Systems-Based Internal Controls Automated Processes Consistent Documentation Ongoing Control & Monitoring How to get effective Government, Risk and Compliance in Oracle E1 Oracle has provided businesses with tools to manage their auditing and electronic signatures. [...]


Help Desk

You don't need to increase your payroll in order to provide your employees with a robust 24/7 help desk. We offer a financially backed service level agreement coupled with a pay as you go model to provide your employees with the help they need to do their job. Our ITIL-driven service desk operates as a three-tier structure with tier-one handling incident classification and initial support leveraging an effective knowledge base with quick and effective escalations to more skilled tier-two and tier-three resolution groups. North America handles calls during its standard office hours and at the end of this period, responsibility is handed over to South America-based desk. This desk handles calls and then hands calls over to an Asia Pacific-based desk which finally hands back responsibility to the North America to complete the cycle. How does it work? Our customers will meet with [...]


SQL 2016 Upgrade

SQL 2016 Upgrade With the release of Microsoft’s SQL 2016, one might seriously consider challenging the status quo. An increase of $254 (3.6% increase) per core as compared to SQL 2012 will be considered chump change in comparison to the amount of risk you can mitigate by being on this version. Heck, you may even ask management to take it out of your paycheck. There are at least 5 Reasons to Execute a SQL 2016 Upgrade. If you champion this project, you get much more than a box of chocolates. For starters, SQL 2016 is now 100% 64-bit. There is no longer a dependency on .NET Framework 3.5. Also, SQL Enterprise Edition is no longer needed if you want to use Availability Groups. Microsoft’s goal is to get rid of database mirroring for good, thereby saying adios to the unreadable single secondary. Schedule  [...]


Software Development

From planning and development through implementation and maintenance, we partner with your business on wide range of software development needs. We also provide enhancements for existing applications, web application development and support for Microsoft .NET on IIS and Java applications on Apache/JBoss and Oracle Internet Application Server. Allari additionally provides website development including graphic design and content layout for existing and new websites. We use a rapid application development life cycle process to design, develop and/or program application solutions, web applications, websites, reports, database structures, user interfaces and mapping services. 3 Major Benefits Lower Costs - In lighter demand scenarios cost will be lower, but in high demand scenarios cost can still be lower since half of the average developer’s day is spent waiting or executing lower value administrative tasks, while only 50% of their time goes into true development activities. Parallel Development - When total [...]


Virtual CIO

We take a look at the role technology plays in your organization and come up with a strategy to help you scale for the future, improve productivity, protect your data, and increase your bottom line. We will perform an in-depth assessment of your unique needs and concerns, formulate a plan of attack, and reinforce the systems that make up the foundation of your operations so that you can be assured that you are making the right decisions with your technology. You will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that contingencies have been put in place. Disaster Recovery Planning Disasters happen and they can lead to disruptions in your organization. Having the ability to recover operations promptly is critical in the face of significant challenges. Let us manage your disaster recovery to ensure that you’re prepared when disaster strikes. Network Analysis [...]


Add Your Own

You don't need to hire a full time employee to get a unique task completed. We have dozens of skill sets available to you when you need it. And, best of all, you only pay for what you use. How does it work? You simply tell us what you would like us to do and we will do it how you want it done and when you want it done. A lot of customers will provide us with an Standard Operating Procedure and ask us to execute standard tasks on demand. Sometimes they will have us schedule the service once a day, week or quarter. Our software auto creates tickets so we never miss a beat. Are your services limited to specific software products? Our services are open to all products. If you can document it, we can execute it. We also have [...]