The "Flight" Coordinator Role

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to lead a scheduled IT outage. These initiatives don't require a detailed understanding of one's environment. It's a process-driven initiative that requires planning, communication, and execution using centralized tools. These outages scheduled during off-hours are typically led by alternating resources rotating each month. The problems arise because each person has a different process, different communication methods, and tools to get the job done. This shared approach contributes to a reactive culture and reduces the entire team's ability to maintain a high level of customer service and throughput of effective change. For a very small investment, your core team can reduce the burden and increase quality and throughput by offloading these responsibilities to an IT-as-a-Service model.

Symptoms of Not having a Consistent Flight Coordinator with a Grooved Outage Process

  • Poor Communication

  • Poor Planning, Execution

  • Poor Performing

Poor Communication to the Users

  • The pre-planning of the outages are kicked off last minute without all members being informed never mind the users being informed.
  • Users are frustrated because they learn of the outage the day of or before or not at all.
  • Users often are not informed that the system is back up. They just try to login and if it is working, they assume the outage is over. 
  • Users, department managers, etc typically have no transparency into what changes were implemented.
  • Comparison


    • What if your IT Department had an annual maintenance calendar?
    • What if the pre-planning phase and corporate and internal communications were kicked off consistently x amount of days prior to the initiative?
    • What if every outage member could see which step the outage was at by simply viewing a centralized task board?
    • What if each technician could communicate the status of their work by updating the board vs having to send an email or call the outage leader?
    • What if there was a dedicated conference line opened up at the beginning of the outage and closed once the outage was successful?
    • What if all changes implemented were documented and filed in your Configuration Database?
    • What if the tenured IT leaders could actually rest during this down time and only be interrupted if there was an emergency that warranted their participation? Haven't they earned this right?
    • What if the core team was able to put less of their weekend into outages and more into their family?

    We provide you with all of the above and much more. 

    Transform To Great!

    Leveraging a 3rd party Flight Coordinator alleviates this responsibility from the core Team which will allow them to focus on executing changes which will ultimately transform the group to High Performing!