The Dispatcher Role

Successfully triaging and dispatching user requests is critical but the coordination and execution of this role doesn't require tenured IT leaders or a full time resource. These responsibilities are often thrown upon an already taxed core team. This approach creates a reactive culture and ultimately reduces the entire teams ability to maintain a high level of customer service and/or throughput of effective change. It doesn't need to be this way. For a very small investment, your core team can reap major gains by offloading these responsibilities to an IT-as-a-Service model.

Symptoms of Not having a Dedicated Dispatcher Role

  • Chaos

  • Exhaustion

Is your work environment just pure chaos?

  • Does your ticket priority categorization consist of urgent and non urgent type of tickets with no regard for a true SLA to the users?
  • Do tickets get missed completely?
  • Are communications on tickets not happening as they should?
  • Are users going directly to technicians vs following a process?
  • Do you have more tickets or issues than you know what to do with?
  • Do you not have a solid understanding of what your team is actually working on day to day?
  • Is it an "us" & "them" type of culture between the IT and the users?

Compare Non Dispatcher vs Dispatcher Process


  • What if you could add the dispatcher function to your team without the long term commitment required of a full time hire?
  • What if you not only paid a low rate but you also only paid for the time it took to do the triaging and dispatching?
  • What if your team was able to focus 100% on their work and not worry about new tickets?
  • What if all tickets not only during the day but also nights and weekends were handled by this dispatcher role?
  • Finally what if the most important member of the team was the only person disturbed when a critical issue occurred at night or on a weekend? 

We provide you with all of the above and much more. 

Transform To Great!

Leveraging a dispatcher role sets an important baseline which will slowly transition the Team from reactive to proactive ultimately transforming your group to High Performing!