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Complex core applications typically require external support during nights and weekends.


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1. SOC Services

There is a massive shortage of cyber security skill sets in the world. In addition, a full time employee isn't always needed to fulfill the end result especially if you have a product like Darktrace. We not only have the unique skill sets on our team, we can deliver them any time.

Detection and Response

Includes 24-7 Monitoring, Investigation and Response as well as Threat Hunting

We assist organizations with developing, implementing, and maintaining the methodologies, technologies, and processes to manage the current cyber threat landscape. Companies are the target of numerous advanced persistent threats and addressing these threats requires a broad base of expertise and knowledge to protect the organization’s data, resources, and personnel. 

Vulnerability Management

Our mission is to help you proactively locate, identify, and assess vulnerabilities so that they can be prioritized and corrected before they are targeted and exploited by attackers. 

We do this by helping you manage the full life cycle of end to end security:

  • Asset identification and fingerprinting
  • Vulnerability identification and enumeration
  • Establish risk prioritization
  • Create patching and remediation plan
  • Leverage ITIL change management principles

Bonus Offer: Free VM Assessment

We regularly use the Qualys scanning appliance at large global organizations

Qualys is one of the best out there. We've never had a false positive like some of the other products we've used. 

Since we're a certified partner and paid annual dues to access the appliance, we're free to use the scanning appliance at our discretion. We've decided to offer a free scan a an introduction to the appliance. In addition to the results of the free scan, we'll throw in an added bonus -we'll provide you with our proven quarterly methodology for Vulnerability Management.

Why would we do this? Well, we're offering this so you can test drive the product with the hope that (1) you'll buy it from us (2) use our team to install the vulnerability patches on a quarterly basis. But, if you don't buy do either that is also okay with us. It would be great to meet you and work with your team to show them how to get this type of work done so your organization is protected.

If you are interested, here are details of the offering. Free Vulnerability Management Assessment

Bonus Offer: 30 Day Darktrace Trial

Free 30-day trial! This is a great opportunity for any IT shop to get some insight into the best cyber security product!

Darktrace will not only mail their appliance to your IT shop no matter what country, they will send someone to set it up. All on their dime. You can use it for 30 days at no charge. This will give you amazing insight into your network as well of course into their product offering. It's cutting edge and very much the future of cyber security.

2. Application Services

Applications require 24-7 services to maintain availability. Maintenance is done during nights & weekends. Support is needed during business hours. Your core team can't provide all of the unique skills sets at all hours of the day. Since we're on three continents, alignment provides you with 24-7 access to any skill you need and you only pay for what you use.

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

We can assist you in the following areas


Installations & Implementations

Tools Release





vulnerability management



Value Added Services

How do you know if you're getting full value when it comes to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Production support?

Use our Production Calculator to see if you can get your support at a lower price.

We help clients overcome the barriers to effective JDE Identity & Access Management

We provide reliable, cost-effective support for your Identity and Access Management infrastructure and operations. Our team provides your business with highly skilled professionals to support your identity and access management process.

A new approach to JDE software development is cutting the cost and complications of traditional, role based models

Our model lowers cost by providing access to specialized development resources only when needed, and only billing you for what is used. While we allow you to only pay for the design, coding and collaboration time required, a Resource-based model keeps you responsible for the wait time, in addition to any recruiting and on boarding efforts as well. Learn more...

We are offering a Free JDE vulnerability assessment

This initiative will get you some solid insight of your JDE cyber threat type of exposures. Since we are a Qualys partner, we can use their scanning appliance on your JDE assets or we can widen the scope to your entire network. It is completely up to you. The scan doesn't take long and the information is very valuable. 

  • Detailed lists of your JDE platform vulnerabilities
  • Identified certificate status & end of support dates
  • Identified software versions, on-board OS, open ports
  • Recommended remediation plan
  • A proven quarterly vulnerability management process
  • Comprehensive inventory map of your JDE installation

Learn more...


We can assist you with 24 X 7 support catering to multiple time zones by taking over the complete operational support ownership or we can meet your specific requirements in the following areas:

  • Identity & Access Management
  • Trouble shooting
  • Day to day operational SAP end user support
  • Functional updates / functional enhancements
  • Customizing
  • Deployment of new regulations as per statutory requirements
  • SAP end user training / documentation
  • System monitoring and management

We can also assist you by taking over the routine SAP system monitoring activities such as

  • Performance monitoring
  • Performance tuning
  • Size analysis
  • Transport management
  • User and security management
  • Housekeeping jobs / operations

Microsoft Power BI & Power Pivot

Database Administration

Database Services

     • Installing and maintaining database management software.
     • Backup and recovery measures to safeguard data.
     • Monitoring and maintaining space usage within the database.
     • Monitoring and maintaining availability and performance of the database.
     • Provisioning and monitoring security measures within the database environment.
     • Controlled production implementations through Change Management process.
     • Creating or re-creating new database instances where necessary.
     • Collaborating with Clients in maintaining databases where DBA involvement is necessary.
     • Assisting with database migrations through the Software Development Life Cycle.
     • Creating user accounts for Databases required in Applications Systems.

Restoration of databases can be handled on a case by case basis depending on availability of the system and the type of backup being performed. Production databases have a recovery objective of within 4 hours when possible. Non-production databases have a recovery-time objective of 2 business days


Take advantage of the experience, knowledge, and expertise of a mature IT organization with experts in many fields. Make educated decisions with expert advice.
     • Database Upgrades
     • Database Patching
     • Database Installations
     • Performance Analysis
     • Database Optimization
     • ERP Administration including JD Edwards EnterpriseOne & SAP 
     • Database Monitoring and Alerting
     • Backup Assurance, Recovery
     • Major Database Upgrades
     • Emergency (down database) support
     • Database Design: Clustering, Replication, Cloning, Log Shipping, etc…

Software Development as a Service

A new Approach to software development is cutting the cost and complications of traditional, role-based models

Our model lowers cost by providing access to specialized development resources only when needed, and only billing you for what is used. While we allow you to only pay for the design, coding and collaboration time required, a Resource-based model keeps you responsible for the wait time, in addition to any recruiting and on boarding efforts as well. Learn more...

3. Help Desk Services

Much more than a traditional support desk, we provide our customers with professional and immediate Help Desk support without the costly overheard. Our Help Desk is fully-staffed by certified IT professionals who are available 24x7x365 via phone, email, web chat, or via our secure web portal.

24/7 Help Desk

An outsourced Help Desk keeps your business running smoothly. We support 85k users in 55+ countries on a 24-7 basis. It is safe to say that we know how to run a busy Help Desk. And, we are very confident we can run yours and do so for less cost. We offer Help Desk services and Help Desk support options for organizations of all sizes requiring a full or part-time support desk, an application or customer service desk, or a comprehensive technical service resource center. 

We are 24/7

We offer truly unlimited 24×7 live Help Desk services. We are staffed around the clock with certified technical team available to provide your users with immediate assistance.

Private Labeled Help Desk

Whether your customers need technical, product, or application support, our services can be branded and tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our Flexible IT Service Management (ITSM) Platform Will Give You A Unique Service Experience

Allari utilizes ConnectWise’s Manage as our IT Service Management (ITSM) platform which enables our Help Desk support staff to quickly and efficiently resolve support issues as they occur. We’ve pioneered a unique support workflow that focuses on rapid triage and first-call resolution. Our root-cause learning engine blindly scores thousands of responses from hundreds of environments just like yours which enables us to solve problems right the first time. Our Help and Support Desk solutions feature complimentary access to our ITSM platform.

4. Product Sales

We sell the good stuff! We've tested them and are actively using them in global production environments. They're so good we made sure we can get quick access to them for our new customers. Our partnership allows us to offer you a free Darktrace 30 day trial & a free Qualys appliance scan.


The worlds leading AI for cyber defense

Powered by industry leading AI, the Enterprise Immune System is a self learning cyber defense platform capable of detecting and respond to cyber attacks in real time. Requiring no set-up, teh technology is relied on by over 3,000 organizations to protect their entire digital enterprise, including the cloud, virtualized environments, SaaS applications, and industrial control systems.

Darktrace Enterprise

Darktrace’s flagship AI cyber defense solution. It combines real-time threat detection, network visualization, and advanced investigation capabilities in a single unified system that is fast and easy to install.

Darktrace Industrial

Darktrace Industrial is a cyber AI defense technology that is specifically developed to detect cyber-threats and latent vulnerabilities in both OT environments, such as SCADA systems, and IT networks.

Darktrace Cloud

Darktrace Cloud delivers Darktrace’s world-leading cyber-threat detection and real-time visibility to the cloud, and is compatible with all major cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, as well as SaaS applications, such as Dropbox, Salesforce, and Office 365.

Darktrace Antigena

Powered by Darktrace’s multi-award-winning AI, Darktrace Antigena is an autonomous response solution that takes surgical action against in-progress cyber-threats, limiting damage and stopping their spread in real time.