Identity & Access Management

The Challenge

There is nothing worse than a member of your core team receiving Identity & Access Management (IAM) requests while working on complicated initiatives. Multitasking is not productive and should be avoided at all costs.


1. User and Access Administration

  1. Active Directory
  2. AllOut Security
  3. All Databases
  4. Microsoft Exchange
  5. Microsoft O365
  6. Oracle Apps
  7. SAP Apps

2. Access Revalidation Campaigns

When revalidating access, 2 verifications must be performed:

  1. Is the account owner still employee of the company? (Employment Revalidation)
  2. Does the account owner still need access to certain systems or data? (Access Right Revalidation)

3. Privileged Identity Management

  1. Create a policy that specifies how super user accounts will be managed.
  2. Develop a management model.
  3. Inventory privileged accounts.
  4. Establish tools and processes.

4. Additional Areas

  1. Applications and systems on-boarding
  2. Application configuration
  3. Monitoring and reporting

Below is an example of the metrics produce from providing IAM services to one of our customers over the past 6 years. They can really understand the amount of time, the number of each request and the overall effort of having to provide this service to the business.