The ID2 Method

The ID2 Method is a work management strategy designed to optimize the utilization of specialized IT team members. 

Step 1: Identify

  • Identify the low-value IT tasks distracting focus from your specialized in-house resources
  • Kick off an internal initiative to have your resources identify 2-4 tasks they should be delegating. Use the Task Evaluator as a guide.
  • Remember, any digital task which can be documented and performed remotely can be executed by Allari.
  • Ask the following questions

Step 2: Define

Define the process and requirements of each task by collaborating with your delegation partner.

  • Collaborate with Allari to Define each task
  • Process screenshots, recordings and/or existing workflow instructions of the task(s) you intend to delegate will be exchanged between Allari and your resources during a technical session. Items required to define each task include:
  • Schedule: When and how often is the task needed?  
  • Time Budget: How much time is required to execute the task?
  • Work Instructions: What are the steps to execute the task?
  • Communication Plan: Who is the contact(s) for the task?
  • Escalation Procedure: What steps should be taken if issues arise?  
  • Allari will use the definition/knowledge-transfer session(s) to produce a draft version of task’s SOP for your review and signoff.   
  • After establishing VPN access, task SOPs receiving signoff are now ‘Live’ in your SOP Library and ready to be executed as needed.

Step 3: Delegate

Delegate tasks as needed and reallocate the time savings towards the high-value technology priorities of the organization.

  • Delegate tasks to Allari as needed   
  • Tasks from your SOP Library may be scheduled for execution on a 24 hour basis via email, call or through your Allari Service Desk Portal.
  •  Status notifications are made as defined in the Communication Plan.
  • Category and Time reporting is submitted on a monthly basis and available for review at any time through your Allari Service Desk Portal.