Our pricing




Our formula

You can use any one of our support calculators to estimate your monthly costs or you can simply send us your requests and we'll provide you with a free quote. We follow a simple formula using 15 minute blocks:

Service Rate x 15 Minute Time Blocks = Your Monthly Cost

Important definitions

"Service Rate" aka FTE Run Rate

Why this rate? We are partnering for the very, very long haul. And, because we have critical mass and high volumes of work, we can offer very lean prices. We are different than the big consulting firms that price their retail rates 3 to 5 times their employee's hourly cost. And we are much different than the fixed fee managed services providers that have 40-50% margins. Our customers stay with us for a very long time and they do so for a reason.

15 Minute Time Blocks

We simply charge the time we spend executing a task rounded up to the next 15 minutes

Each service request has a predefined time it should take to complete. If it goes over, our auditors will receive an alert and adjust it to where it should be. At the end of the month, you will see the time spent on each task. We do not charge you when we are not working. Our Account managers are there to assist you and make any adjustments to your support model as needed.

Budget Controls

Predefined maximum time a task should take & monitoring alerts

If you are worried about overshooting your spend, we’ve got you covered. Your dedicated account manager can setup budget monitoring alerts. These can be set according to your desired consumption and spend for a given period. If your are use to a flat fee, we assure you will be pleasantly surprised at your long-term savings after you make the switch. We believe that you should only pay for what you use because it’s cheaper that way.

Monthly Costs

What if you knew exactly where your budget went each month?

At the end of each month or sooner if needed, you'll know exactly how much it costs to execute the tasks you offloaded to us. This cost will be broken down by technology. You can even see how many times a task was requested by your business so you can gain a complete understanding of how much money it takes to support your technology. If there is no work to be done, there is no draw on your budget. If there is justification for a bigger spent i.e. your company makes an acquisition, you get the right resources at the push of a button. it's that simple.


No long term commitment required!

You aren't locked in! And, you can reduce your spend to Zero at any moment. Don't get us wrong. Contracts are important but ours doesn't lock you in for any length of time and surely doesn't include a minimum monthly spend. If we don't execute a task this month, $0 will be due next month. We're drop dead serious! You control the spend. 

financially backed SLAs

If needed, we can be your 1st line of defense for functions like Help Desk and ERP, DB & IAM support or if necessary your entire IT operation

Our additional Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees a defined, time-based response for any incident, outage or request on a 24-7 basis. Our SLA guarantee includes:

  • Financially-Backed Agreement. If we err, we pay you $.
  • 15 minute Urgent Response Times
  • Incident Root-Cause Analysis & reporting
  • Monthly Alignment Meetings
  • Quarterly SLA Reviews
  • 24-7 Availability