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Top 3 of Emerging threats in 2021

2020 is almost over, and it has been a wild ride so far. The new normal pushed companies to evolve the way they handle business and how their employees interact with the system. There were enterprises prepared for this scenario, while others were victims of their false sense of security.  There is no doubt that a good security strategy makes a big difference, and today we should start thinking ahead and be prepared for 2021 surprises.

Let's review three emerging threats that, although now are not making big news, it's highly probable that in 2021 they become highly popular.

AI Poisoning Attacks

Artificial intelligence has become the cybersecurity's best friend. More companies are betting on solutions powered by AI algorithms for identifying and analyze cyber-attacks. Machine Learning allows cybersecurity systems to analyze threat patterns and learn cybercriminals' behaviors.

Although AI is an effective way of analyzing patterns, it is also highly vulnerable. Cybercriminals can inject bad data into an AI program, which means that attackers inject a "poison" during the learning process. This action makes the system learn the wrong lesson.  For example, cybercriminals have used poisoning attacks on AI systems to get around spam detectors.

Sophisticated Ransomware

In a ransomware attack, cybercriminals obtain access to the system and encrypt it until they get paid. During 2020 ransomware attacks directed to the health care system cost billions of dollars. It is not only a result of the pandemic, which left this sector vulnerable, but it's also a result of sophisticated and aggressive ransomware.

The next generation of ransomware, aided by AI, evades malware detection programs and spreads within networks. Fortunately, ransomware is easy to mitigate. A thoughtful security strategy that keeps the system backups is critical to recovering from this attack.


It combines the words "deep learning" and "fake," which creates new realities by seamlessly splice audio and video. For example, when a politician's words are manipulated to making it appear that political said something they never did.

As of now, there is no solution to prevent it; however, the best strategy to recover is the rapid response.

In conclusion, 2020 has taught us to be prepare and resilient. It is time to start thinking about what's coming in 2021, and AI seems to be the main actor.

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