November 17


Top 3 Benefits Of Having A Red Team On Board

Given today's cyberthreat landscape, hiring a Red Teaming doesn't sound like a bad idea. Have you ever thought about what you can get from a Red teaming assessment?

What is Red Teaming?

A Red Team's primary role is to simulate a real-world attack scenario in a target organization focusing on potential threats to critical data. A Red Team tests the internal security team's defense, including testing technology, human and physical vulnerabilities. 

A Red Teaming engagement differs from traditional pen testing as it is performed in a Black-box security testing style. The team has close to zero knowledge perspective as possible of the companies security countermeasures, and the target company is not notified of such a test.

A well-conducted and well-managed Red Team simulation can yield the following benefits.

1. Uncover attack vectors that bad actors can exploit

One of the goals of hiring Red Teaming is identifying and closing vulnerabilities in the infrastructure software and systems.  Red teaming companies invest a considerable amount of time, money, and effort to create custom tools and attack methods to impersonate threat actors and find vulnerabilities and exploitable configuration errors.

2. Test your incident response capabilities

Commonly, Red Team companies don't advise their targets of when and how they will proceed with the attack simulations. In the same way, they don't receive any information from the target company, which creates the perfect scenario to test the onsite security force's capabilities. It's important to remark that these simulations are far different from pen-testing operations since they are driven under a Black-box security testing style. 

3. Demonstrate security controls, justify security spending

Red Teaming brings up the vulnerabilities your companies have and demonstrates the robustness of your security control. Hiring a Red Teaming company will give you a sense of your security level regarding technology and budget. Over the long term, the results of Red Teaming can be used to justify increased security spending or find where it is failing.

A red team assessment not only highlights the company's weakness but also gives a clear sense of where your company's security is and what can be improved.

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