September 14


The Role Of AI In Cybersecurity

There is a big debate about whether AI (Artificial Intelligence) is good or bad in terms of privacy and its impact on humans' life. Nevertheless, it's become the perfect tool to calculate the best action based on characteristics and behavior.

Analyzing and improving cybersecurity posture is not a human-scale problem anymore.  The number of threats is exponentially increasing,  leaving security teams at a considerable disadvantage.

Cybersecurity companies have addressed this problem and see AI as a solution to train systems from data and activity to identify an unknown active attack & immediately neutralize it. Cyber AI tools analyze quickly millions of events, user behaviors, deduce a pattern, and identify many types of threads and anomalies to help information security teams reduce breach risk and improve their security posture efficiently and effectively.

How AI-powered applications can be use for Malware analysis?

The algorithm to determine if a software is Malware or not is similar to the algorithm used in online stores. Thus, to suggest which item to buy, what movie to watch, or what song to listen to, AI-powered apps are trained with a set of features that help them understand and reproduce the user behavior.

The same way, Cyber AI tools are trained by analyzing features such as access to the disk, peripheral devices (camera, keyboard, etc.), consumed processor power, bandwidth, data transmission, among others.

Allari is proud of working in partnership with  Darktrace, the world's leading cyber AI company, to assess Malware's new generations using the latest Cyber AI tools powered by unsupervised machine learning. Solutions such as The Enterprise Immune System, The Industrial Immune System, Antigena Network, and Antigena Email make this platform unique. In fact, during July, Darktrace Antigena Email detected attacks related to unusual mailbox configuration. In the same month, Antigena Network also raised a flag when stages of ransomware attacks were seen.

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