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John Mathieu, Founder

Ravi Madhavan, Partner

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This may sound odd but we love working with IT leaders. We've worked with grumpy ones, hopeful ones and many who just couldn't find their way out of the weeds. Best of all, we have the privilege to be working with some of the best in the world. (whom are very willing to speak to you about their experiences with us) We've learned plenty of valuable lessons over the years and share these experiences as we move forward with our new customers. As you can probably tell by now, we firmly believe offloading the basic tasks and reinforcing core competencies is the very foundation that has allowed our IT leaders to achieve their best in class metrics -which ultimately has allowed them to achieve great things which means they get bigger raises, fatter bonuses and grandiose promotions. 🙂

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Allari Timeline


The Beginning

The Beginning

John Mathieu started Allari in 1998 but officially incorporated Jan 1st of 1999. Allari originated as traditional Oracle JD Edwards consulting firm focused on application implementations and upgrades.


Ravi Madhavan Becomes A Partner

Ravi Madhavan Becomes A Partner

After a long day of work on a global implementation in Tuckahoe, NY back in 2000, Ravi & John decided to meet up for some exercise at a local basketball court. They both had ulterior motives. Ravi, the Grant Thornton project manager, was trying to recruit John. And, John, the founder of Allari and a member of Ravi’s project team, was trying to recruit Ravi. They quickly realized the other’s intentions and agreed to put destinies at the fate of a simple game of horse. They shook hands and started calling their shots. The score was tied “H. O. R. S.” and whomever missed the final “E” challenge had to join the other person’s company. The rest is history.




Transitioned from a small project focused consulting firm to a Managed Service Provider offering 24-7 support for JD Edwards OneWorld ERP software, Microsoft SQL, IBM’s DB2 and Oracle Databases. First MSP customer was Air Jamaica Vacations.


Expanded Service Practices

Expanded Service Practices

Add Database, Development & Business Analysis to MSP model


Global Expansion

Global Expansion

Begin a multi year Global Resource Model expansion into Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil & India


Overhauled Service Delivery Model

Overhauled Service Delivery Model

Move to Market Disrupting Service Model – ITaaS vs. Traditional MSP


Expanded Services

Expanded Services

Allari added Cyber Security as Core Competency. Hired and built out a Security Operations Center in Ecuador to be able to offer our customer base SOC-as-a-Service.


Qualys Certified Partnership

Allari Inc. Becomes Cyber Security Scanning Giant Qualys Certified Partner, As They Expand Their Production Support Services Into Cyber-Security Vulnerability, Protection And Remediation Area.


Darktrace Certified Partner

Allari Inc. Becomes A Darktrace Certified Partner, As They Expand Their Production Support Services Into Cyber Security Detection, Response And Vulnerability Management.

4r Soluciones Partner

Allari Inc. Becomes A 4r Soluciones Partner, To Provide Ecommerce, Web Development And Digital Transformation Services.