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Target Your Basics | Reinforce Your Core | Build Stronger Relationships with Your business!

You can't be effective if you are being restricted!

  • We are constantly in reactive mode, with little ability to figure out how to free ourselves from fire-fighting long enough to invest in any proactive work.
  • My Team is spending more than 5% of their time on unplanned or urgent work.
  • Our Core Team is executing level 1 tasks as well as fulfilling their primary responsibilities.
  • Our success rate for throughput of effective change is not 99% or higher.
  • Our System Admin ratio is between 15:1 and 25:1 and is not even close to 100:1.
  • My Team doesn't have a collaborative relationship with our security group.
  • Our team doesn't have a trusted working relationship with our IT auditors.
  • We view our change management processes as overly bureaucratic and diminishing of productivity.
  • "Everyone" knows that our people circumvent proper processes because crippling outages, finger-pointing, and phantom changes run rampant.
  • We have a “cowboy culture” where seemingly “nimble” behavior has promoted destructive side effects where the sense of agility is all too often a delusion.
  • Our IT operations believe that true control simply isn't possible, and they are doomed to an endless cycle of break/fix triggered by phone calls at late hours of the night.
  • Our internal and external auditors are on a crusade to find out whether proper controls exist and are pushing madly for implementing new ones where they aren't.
  • We understand the need for controls, but don't know which controls are needed first.

Strategy Session Deliverables

  • An understanding of how your IT department ranks compared to hundreds of High Performers.
  • A clear understanding of the IT-as a-Service platform and how to leverage it to improve identified weak areas.
  • An understanding of the value in Targeting the Basics, Automating Tasks & Reinforcing Your Core.
  • An implemention plan to improve the areas holding you back.