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3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your SOC

A SOC-as-a-Service approach can provide greater benefits to your organization than the alternative in-house solution. According to multiple SANS surveys, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are especially vulnerable because a SOC is plagued with high costs and endless challenges.

SOCs aim to protect your organization against cyber attacks by using 3 principles - Detect, Respond, and Recover. There is no question setting up defenses, monitoring, enforcing security policies, and responding to incidents are very expensive and carry a myriad of challenges. 

Strong SOCs could save the SMB from being attacked but these size companies lack the budget to hire adequate staff and/or buy the needed technology to protect, detect, and respond to incidents. This is the ultimate challenge. 

Unfortunately, a SOC, considered to be a core component of many organizations' cybersecurity strategies, which is the number one reason SOC-as-a-Service has become a perfect solution for SMB type organizations.

Let's review 3 reasons why Allari's SOC-as-a-Service is a better choice than an in-house solution.

1) You Can Reduce Human Resources Costs

Firstly, SOCs heavily rely on human expertise to prevent, detect, analyze, and respond to security incidents. The cost that represents the hiring and training of a cybersecurity professional is considered high.

Moreover, Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand and are among one of the most expensive personnel. A tier-one analyst's average salary is $102,315, and they leave the organization after a little more than two years. 

SOC-as-a-Service solves this problem! SMB doesn't have to worry about turnover and high salaries. Companies that offer SOC-as-a-Service, such as Allari, have highly trained & experienced personnel. It's cheaper to let our staff achieve that 24/7/365 monitoring that you were looking for without having to lift a finger. This allows you to focus on your organization's mission.

2) Provide a Diversity of Experience

Secondly, we have seen it all! Working for different companies allows us to face the most challenging and unique scenarios. Allari has a deep insight into the latest trends, attacks, and more. We detect and focus on the threats that matter. Our experiences allow us to implement cutting edge ways that might be missed by in-house security teams due to their narrow scope of experience.

3) Avoid High Technology Costs

Thirdly, and most importantly, the technologies to do everything that needs to be done are very, very costly. They carry high annual or on-going costs as you continue to use them and this can get out of hand quite quickly. At Allari, we have made the investment, and we can share our tools and savings directly to you.

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I am a Systems Engineer specialized in security and networking. I'm interested in defensive security and forensics.