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Why Personal Productivity Doesn’t Lead To Team Productivity

It's possible for members of an IT team to have high personal productivity without it actually translating to high organizational productivity. Here's a look at the difference and how IT leaders can better align the two.

Personal Productivity

The Case for Software Development ‘as-a-Service

Another business service regularly required for enterprises, which may be best consumed through an access not-ownership strategy, is that of software development/customization.

4 Trends Today’s IT Leaders Must Master

Many IT organizations view internal users as the “customers” - Finance, Sales, Operations, Marketing, etc. It has not been until recent years that IT organizations have begun to view the real customer, buying the product or service, as their customer.

5 Reasons Multitasking is Bad for IT Productivity

When it comes to IT operations, multitasking seems to be a prerequisite. Quite often it's even written into the job posting. However, research is revealing that multitasking may do more damage than good.

The Key to a Self Motivated Team

Cognitive studies have found we are more self-motivated when we feel more in control by making our own choices. As a leader, harnessing this aspect of human nature or standing in its way can be the difference between success and frustration.