February 16


Key Benefits Of Managed SAP Security

With business-critical data being hosted on SAP and the growing complexity of these applications, many security teams find themselves stretched. The increase in threat activity and risks affecting ERP Applications makes SAP security a critical task.

This unusual increase in criminal activity also impacts On-premises SAP. Knowing that these systems are highly complex to the point that a configuration for security reasons may take months-long planning and testing to ensure it doesn't break the environment makes it hard to build and maintain a robust security strategy. A managed SAP security service, on the other hand, offers an answer. The providers such as Allari are highly trained and have the various experience to handle the more challenging scenarios and environments.

At Allari, we provide responsive support 24/7 and continuously monitor your SAP security status. We add value where we see opportunities, such as process improvement or business role consolidation. We provide a range of expertise and services, as required, to fill in gaps and ensure a robust security posture for SAP enterprises.

What are the benefits of having a managed SAP Security?

1) Diversify your SAP security skillsets

The number of skills required to keep up with an SAP system's complex environment is costly. Outsourcing SAP security fills the expertise gaps in your internal team with experienced, specialist support.

2) Keep Visibility and control of your SAP security

SAP solutions, with their tendency to form the operational heart of the enterprise, along with the financial system of record, are invariably the crown jewels of most businesses. Hackers target SAP! It's where the high-value data lives. Consuming Managed SAP services gives you complete Visibility to where you are and where you are going regarding your SAP security strategy. SAP security providers equip you with a granular picture of your environment and access to better monitoring and reporting.

3) Flexible and Scalable Support

Having a well-structured security team is expensive! SAP security projects are highly volatile, unpredictable, and demand for resources can vary throughout the year. An SAP security Managed Service can escalate and adjust to your business demands. You only pay for what you use!

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