July 18


Intaco Engages Allari to Transition to Oracle’s Cloud with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2

Intaco detected that their technological infrastructure lacked the latest characteristics necessary for a quick reaction to the changes generated by the turn of the business as well as the imminent risk generated by not being able to apply updates at the security level.

This is how Intaco IT and Allari worked together in the task of optimizing their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne by moving to the Oracle cloud and merging versions 8.12 and 9.1 with a data upgrade to take advantage of 9.2 in all its subsidiaries. Now the company benefits from the rapid reaction to technological and commercial trends, adding value of competitiveness and productivity. Intaco is also enabled for innovation and future projection, being able to optimize and ensure the operations of their business.

Intaco is a leading company in the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of mortars, concrete and construction additives. It has an international presence with German technology factories located in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, and Nicaragua. In its 70 years of experience in the industry, it has always been characterized by innovation as a fundamental pillar in the manufacture and delivery of its products and services.

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