August 16


Human Factor: The Achilles Heel of Cybersecurity

Despite technology advances and policies in place, the human factor is still the vulnerability that cannot be defeated. There is not a magic formula or technology that can prevent a bad actor or an innocent mistake end up in huge losses.

No matter how well designed and implemented, any system is not exempt from being a victim of their own users’ lapses in judgment. This July, when kiddie hackers hit one of the top technology companies, the discussion on how to protect, react, and “definite” the human factor vulnerability arose. This topic represents a huge problem not only because it causes huge data breaches but because it’s almost impossible to control. Being hit by malware, a dedicated attack, or another sort of malicious software can be analyzed and prevented, but who and how to control the free willing of employees?.

It’s clear that we will never eliminate the risk that the human element represents. It’s human nature to make mistakes and more so when it’s not our area of expertise. However, companies should put their best efforts on assessing the level of an employee’s access to systems, monitor user activity, and investigate unusual or malicious behavior. It’s important to note that I’m not suggesting to invade people’s privacy but their metadata.

The impediment for many companies to not implement such countermeasures arises by the lack of an appropriate security team. Understandably, most enterprises tend to focus on their core system and their mission leaving security out of scope. Fortunately, there are companies that are committed to fix, prevent, and maintain safety for you.

Allari is proud of providing a day to day Incident Detection and Response utilizing advanced platforms and tools such as Darktrace, Sophos, and Mimecast, among others. We successfully implemented a Security Operation Center (SOC) that provides high-value and low-cost solutions to ensure complete IT security Assessments.

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About the author

Gabriela Granda

I am a Systems Engineer specialized in security and networking. I'm interested in defensive security and forensics.