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How Follow-The-Sun Model helps you Deliver 24/7 Global Support

The sun never sets for businesses that rely on remote and global support for customer service.

The traditional "Follow-The-Sun" model handle issues globally between offices in different time zones, increasing responsiveness and reducing delays. In other words, this is a method to satisfy customers regardless of the time or location. 

In the early days, this customer service approach seemed to only work for companies with the means and resources to open and stuff multiple offices worldwide. Nowadays, it's become a low-cost alternative for companies of any size providing a happier work culture and an energized, fresh team that can care for your customers.

"Follow-The-Sun" approach provides high availability, which leads a company to meet the demands of today's world. A study conducted by the CMO Council found that 24/7/365 assistance can improve users' product experience significantly.

What Makes A Follow The Sun Model Stand Out?

Faster troubleshooting

High Uptime is the key! Any issues can be solved in nearly real-time since there will always be a team ready to take action. A "Follow-The-Sun" model provides 24/7/365 support to customers worldwide, regardless of time or location.

Increase Productivity Through Out-tasking

This approach allows the onsite IT support staff to focus on critical projects rather than trivial, routine, and repetitive tasks. 

Global collaboration

A "Follow-The-Sun" model keeps everyone on the same page, working towards the same goal and providing high availability.

At Allari, Everything we do involves a help desk and, more often than not, two integrated help desks. We know help desks, and we provide service in a Follow The Sun model. We've been running a 24/7 global help desk for 22 years. Yep global. We service customers in 55 countries. The variations of this success model are endless. We can manage a private label help desk for you. Or, to the other extreme, simply provide a little extra manpower on demand for L1, L2, or even hard to find, unique L3 skillsets.

About Allari

Allari implements customized service plans for IT Operations & Cyber-security which allow you to complete a higher volume of planned work, gain the capacity to innovate and help your business to win.

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