Vulnerability Assessment Offer

This free offer is a great way to get to know Allari. This offer provides immediate visibility into the current vulnerabilities of anything that holds an IP address on your network. If you want to target a specific area like your ERP product, we can define the subnet to limit the scope to that area. Whichever you chose, we will be able to show you the weak areas and provide you with a detail plan on how to resolve them.

“After having our ERP database encrypted by Sodinokibi ransomware, not knowing where else we might be exposed was causing me to lose sleep. This free scan gave me piece of mind. We received a complete understanding of our exposure and received a step-by-step plan to remediate it.”

Jeff, IT Director at Channellock

Allari Leads the Process For You

To start the vulnerability assessment process, Allari’s security engineers use Qualys's automated scanning tools. These scanners have databases, which contain known technical vulnerabilities and allow detecting your company’s susceptibility to them. The main advantage of the automated approach is that it is not time-consuming and ensures a wide coverage of security weaknesses possibly existing in a range of devices or hosts on the network.

Setup VM

Define Subnets



  • Detailed lists of your vulnerabilities
  • Identified certificate status & end of support dates
  • Identified software versions, on-board OS, open ports
  • Recommended remediation plan
  • A proven quarterly vulnerability management process
  • Comprehensive inventory map of your IT assets


Gain Transparency

You can’t protect what you don’t see. Our security assessment gives you immediate, global visibility into your entire network, including servers, devices, peripherals, workstations and more.

Reduce Your Exposure

Our security assessment pinpoints every threat to which your network is currently exposed, along with providing step-by-step instructions on what you must do to remediate each vulnerability.

Prevent Business Loss

System downtime, lost revenue, cleanup costs and loss of trade secrets due to network compromises, cost businesses millions of dollars each year. Hacks cost an average of $53,000 per incident.

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Install Scanner Appliance


Map Asset Inventory


Report Vulnerabilities







Plan Remediation


Coordinate Outage


Execute Remediation


Verify Remediation Success


Provide Change Documentation for Auditors



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ERP Administration


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