July 14


Data Guard vs GoldenGate

Ok, so you have an Oracle Database and you need to implement Disaster Recovery and/or High Availability strategies? First, let´s clearly understand what´s the difference between these two terms:

High Availability (HA) means eliminating single points of failure and Disaster Recovery (DR) is the process of getting a system back to an operational status when a system is rendered inoperative. In essence, Disaster Recovery rescues you when High Availability fails.

With these concepts clarified, you must define which one will be implemented (maybe both), since the tool to be used depends on it.

So, what are Oracle's most recommended products for this kind of job? 

Currently, Active Data Guard and GoldenGate are Oracle´s best Solutions.

In general terms, Data Guard provides a robust, high-performance disaster recovery environment that is ideal for critical production databases and can be used simultaneously as a backup, reporting, and test environment.

GoldenGate, on the other hand, is a heterogeneous real-time replication tool, with enormous flexibility. It allows you to precisely select the data to be replicated, send only the necessary data to each destination, and even apply transformations to this replicated data. All this without being intrusive in the source databases.

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The Challenge?

Well, the problem could be the cost involved in implementing these solutions depending on the current state of your technology environment.

GoldenGate is more expensive than Data Guard in terms of named user licenses and processor licenses, but has the advantage of working in a Standard Edition of Oracle, so you don't need to migrate to a high cost environment to benefit of the tool. In the other hand, Data Guard cost less in terms of named user licenses and processor licenses, but the product only operates in Enterprise edition, so if you don't have that version, your implementation could have a representative impact on cost.

What to do then?

Well, at Allari, we are characterized by our flexibility, so if you have an Oracle database and want / need a High Availability and / or Disaster Recovery tool, we can offer you the best solution available oriented to your specific needs. We can even suggest a custom solution for those environments where total investment is an issue, proposing well-tested software in a SaaS scheme that can help you.

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