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Darktrace Reduces Cyber Security Insurance Costs

The risk of cyber-attacks has grown enormously in recent years. We all are facing the most horrific cyber incidents like the deadly attack at Capitol Hill, SolarWinds Attacks and Ryuk ransomware attacks, and many more. Cybercriminals are ahead of the game with the advancement of technologies. Bad actors find it very easy to attack the industry that pays less heed to cybersecurity. However, hackers are targeting big companies to get the maximum benefit out of their illegal hacking. So, now the question is: Is it worth investing in cybersecurity products and services to reduce cyber risks? In this uncertainty, are we sure the products that we are choosing are affordable and provides security confidence?

The good news is Yes! Darktrace’ s Enterprise Immune System and Antigena Email have been designated Marsh Cyber Catalyst solutions. The Cyber Catalyst program, organized by Marsh and leading insurers- Allianz; AXA XL, a division of AXA; AXIS; Beazley; CFC; Munich Re; Sompo International; and Zurich North America; evaluated the effectiveness of cybersecurity products and solutions in reducing cyber risk. Among 90 cybersecurity products and solutions, Darktrace’ s above two products have been identified as the solutions to the top trending threats like Ransomware; Supply Chain/Vendor Management; Cloud Migration & Management; Social Engineering; and Privacy Regulation/Data Collection.

Let’s dig into these two products and see how these can help to lower the company’s cybersecurity cost.

Darktrace Enterprise Immune System

This product uses AI/machine learning to automatically learn from the real-time network traffic, write rules based on their historical attacks, study the system behavior, analyses data, and detect anomalies or unnoticed threats in the enterprise. Hence, it is more accurate, continuous, and requires less manpower.

By learning normal “patterns of life” across Darktrace cloud users and their devices, Enterprise Immune System studies the workforce behavior and makes micro-decisions in seconds if there’s any threat emerging. This digital immune system for cloud and other SaaS platforms helps to quickly detect and respond to abnormal activity across their entire networks, endpoints, and IoT. Therefore, it reduces the company’s response and detect time as well as mitigates a threat quickly and efficiently.

Since it analyzes numerous kinds of threats, it can give details about every possible attack. For example, Ransomware (whether known or zero days), Insider threat, SaaS account takeover (e.g. M365/SharePoint, Salesforce, etc.), Cloud account takeover (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.), Cloud workload compromise, and many more. Hence, this detailed threat analysis fulfills the responsibility of various cybersecurity specialization teams and allows the company focus and invest in other products and solutions.

Since, in the future, human mimicking AI offensive attack is possible, Enterprise Immune System provides autonomous response and investigation capabilities if any abnormality is detected. Therefore, it is taken as a useful service that can suggest actions to be taken at any phase of the attack lifecycle. Therefore, if there is a failing of static defense, Enterprise Immune System is always there to monitor and alert to minimize the risk.

Darktrace Antigena Email

Built-in security tools are good email defenders, but they do not guarantee advanced attacks like inserting malware, register new domains, and other spam. Here comes Darktrace Antigena Email product that can easily identify the fraud and spam emails that tries to trick the company’s email gateway.

Since it is also AI/ self-learning technology product, it learns about user behaviors, their patterns of life, understands the human behind email interactions. Hence, this product determines the normal and abnormal behavior for every user profile and sends alerts to Enterprise Immune System and Cyber analyst. This way we can alert SOC and save their network from being compromised.

Email is the source of 94% of cyber-attacks that can result in spear phishing, Business Email Compromise, social engineering, and domain spoofing. Antigen looks for anomalies and if the user is new, the email contains suspicious attachments (zip file, RAR, HTML, and malicious code), suspicious hidden link, it will alert/model fire. Therefore, this will reduce impersonation attacks and prevents phishing. Hence, an organization can invest in adapting this product than depending on some static defense rules and strategy.

Capgemini’s Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence Report mentioned that surveyed among 850 senior executives from IT Information Security, Cybersecurity and IT Operations, 64% say that AI lowers the cost to detect and respond to breaches and reduces the overall time taken to detect threats and breaches up to 12%. Hence, the system requires very little monitoring and intervention. It also helps to increase the levels of agility, speed and detects real-time attacks with an AI-based fraud prevention system.

At Allari, we are proud of being a Darktrace Certified Partner. We can offer you the fastest set-up with exceptional and personalized Cyber Security Detection, Response, and Vulnerability Management.

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