June 11, 2020

Multi-tasking does more than cause mistakes, it makes mayhem on the productive output of your IT organization. Here’s a closer look at the damage done and what we can do to fix it.   At Allari we talk about boosting productivity in the IT department a lot. Heck, it’s what we do for a living. I

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June 10, 2020

Development initiatives are at the top of many IT leaders to-do lists. Whether using in-house resources or an on-demand ‘as-a-Service’ solution for your development needs, IT organizations are in a rush to answer the new digital demands of their customers and business partners. And because of this urgency, it’s more important than ever that the

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June 2, 2020

1. Annual maintenance schedules are critical to the success of a business.
They deserve advanced planning & detailed attention & shouldn’t just be executed on demand to resolve incidents. They need to be executed proactively according to an annual schedule.

You can easily define outage windows for the entire year. Start with a 13 week cycle and build from there. These “mini vacations” for your IT assets, believe it or not, are not only the basis for high availability but more importantly are the foundation for the proactive nature of the IT function itself.

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June 1, 2020

Spoofing and Phishing are two very different words, but with meanings and functions that go hand in hand when used by hackers. The word itself spoof means forge, a forged email is one in which the sender on purpose modifies parts of the email to appear as if it had been written by someone else.6

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May 18, 2020

Lesson Learned: An IT Dept lacking a dedicated dispatcher role will never be high performing.

After conducting an IT Assessment, we realized that the IT department was spending more than 90% of their time being reactive rather than proactive. The team was in the weeds and just trying to get through the day. Bold users were circumventing the help desk software and showing up at the technician’s desk. Passive users were not getting their issues addressed and expressing their frustration with others. The business leaders were frustrated because IT wasn’t able to complete important project work in a timely manner. The IT manager felt isolated and overwhelmed. It became a divisive culture that could only end in termination unless there was a catalyst for change.

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