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4r Soluciones Partnership

Allari Inc. Becomes A 4r Soluciones Partner, to provide ecommerce, Web Development and digital transformation services.

About 4r Soluciones

4r Soluciones is a Custom Development Software Company located in Santa Fe, Argentina. With more than 15 years of experience, the firm has performed as a strategic tech partner in the digital transformation for B2B/B2C Companies, Marketing Agencies, Consulting Firms, and Start-Ups in different industries like Healthcare, Marketing, HR, Government, and Education.

The company covers areas of Design, Development, Project Management, and Consulting with the capacity to handle complex projects and provide staffing resources.

4r services include: e-Commerce Platforms (B2B, B2C), UX/UI Design, Custom Web and Mobile Development (Corporate Intranets and Extranets / Loyalty & Wellness Platforms/ e-Learning Platforms/ Corporate Apps), and Integrations (ERP/ CR/HRM). Visit  https://www.4rsoluciones.com/en/.

About Allari

Allari implements customized service plans for IT Operations & Cyber-security which allow you to complete a higher volume of planned work, gain the capacity to innovate and help your business to win.

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About the author


Allari takes pride in helping IT leaders take control of their destinies by providing the space they need to build stronger relationships with their businesses. As a result, these leaders get the recognition they deserve which makes I.T. fun again! The company provides services via offices in the United States, Ecuador, Brazil and India serving customers in over 55 countries.

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