August 7


3 Benefits of Penetration Testing

Pen Testing is a simulated cyberattack that evaluates the security of a company environment. Pen testing attempts to safely compromise application systems, servers, network devices, among others. This effort validates the efficiency of defensive mechanisms, uncover vulnerabilities, and end-user adherence to security policies.

Although Penetration Testing can be made over the entire system, it's highly recommended to focus on a specific area. Test everything can cause a superficial test leaving essential parts of the system without a proper evaluation. Different penetration tests focus on areas such as Web applications, Network Security, Cloud Security, IoT Security, and Social Engineering.

1) Identify and prioritize security risks

When carrying out this evaluation, a complete analysis of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities present in the system is generated. It provides IT management and security experts with information and steps to take to improve security. As a result, companies can respond effectively and efficiently when a threat arises. Likewise, this prevents unauthorized access to the company's crucial information, services, or assets.

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2) Protect customer loyalty and company image

Customer trust and loyalty are what keep companies alive. Implementing security mechanisms are not enough when those are not tested. It creates a false sense of safeness and can cost the company reputation. A single mistake where a user's information is compromised can destroy the company's brand. For this reason, it is crucial to continuously evaluate the security techniques and mechanisms applied. Penetration Testing helps the organization avoid data incident.

3) Avoid financial and legal harm

Security flaws are expensive and almost always have legal consequences. Besides damaging the company's brand and reliability, it also incurs fines and penalties.

Many factors can cause financial harm, such as downtimes or even attacks such as ransomware, where the companies have to pay to get back access and their data. Likewise, companies are legally obligated to comply with different federal requirements.

A Penetration Test help organizations evade substantial penalties for non-compliance, prevent downtimes, and maintain security control for future audits.

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