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This Spotlight explores the use of a consumption-based, 'as-a-Service' IT support model (ITaaS) for JD Edwards CNC administration, an approach which can lower cost, increase accountability [...]


Leveraging the 'as-a-Service' model for JD Edwards CNC support is a flexible and cost effective alternative to Resource-based options. This chart compares the different CNC support [...]


The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne AIS (Application Interface Services) platform provides the necessary technology for your E1 environment to easily communicate with a wealth of mobile [...]


Allari provides business analysis and development support for corporate applications on a daily basis. We design and execute a delivery model using a phased [...]


Allari helps CIOs and CTOs who are interested in maintaining the highest level of support for their end users, without increasing costs. We offer [...]


We have been a trusted technology partner for corporate IT departments for 20 years. When it comes to software administration, we have worked with [...]


Software Development From planning and development through implementation and maintenance, we partner with your business on wide range of software development needs. [...]


We take a look at the role technology plays in your organization and come up with a strategy to help you scale for the [...]


AIS Installation Is it time for your organization to leverage mobile devices? If you are using JD Edwards [...]


In JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, you can view relationships between objects and their components. This feature is invaluable to developers. For example, you can do [...]


Transparency and fairness must prevail! Transparency and fairness must prevail for electronic records and signatures to be considered valid which is where CFR Part [...]


LDAP Integration Efficiency Can Be Gained. If you are using E1, every application you use will require E1 [...]


Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) Installation Have hundreds of users and multiple JAS instances? As you know each JAS [...]


Excited to get your EnterpriseOne (E1) software connected to the Internet of Things? Well, Oracle has just the tool to make creating orchestrations a [...]


PowerPivot Your Data Users of MS Excel 2013 or above have BI capabilities built in. PowerPivot is a [...]


With the release of Microsoft’s SQL 2016, one might seriously consider challenging the status quo. An increase of $254 (3.6% increase) per core as [...]