Software Administration

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Project Description

We have been a trusted technology partner for corporate IT departments for 20 years.

When it comes to software administration, we have worked with most of the products in the marketplace and many home grown.

We have executed hundreds of thousands of tasks. We also have a history of resolving issues quickly. And if we can’t, we will work with your software provider on your behalf to get the fix in place.

The amount of software products that we have provided system administration for is vast.  So vast, it is just better that we give you the specific areas of IT we excel:

  • Monitoring & Control
  • IT Operations – Job scheduling, routine batch jobs/scripts including backups and restores
  • Server & Mainframe Management & Support – System Administration
  • Storage & Archive
  • Database Services
  • ERP Administration
  • Directory Services Management
  • Middleware Management
  • Internet/Web Management
  • IT Service Continuity Management
  • Information Security Management

Need a Service Level Agreement?

With optional Service Level response times, Allari guarantees your IT systems will remain available and operating smoothly throughout any level of demand. Depending on your organization’s specific needs, metered Service Levels can be added to any SAaaS arrangement at an additional cost. These financially backed, Service Level guarantees provide time-based benchmarks which must be met across all three stages of a ticket’s lifecycle – Response time, Resolution Plan time and Resolution time. Including a 30 minute critical response time for urgent events, Allari’s guaranteed Service Levels ensure you have the support needed to keep IT systems up and running smoothly, 24/7.

Schedule        Ad Hoc
This is up to you. We run 3 shifts from 3 continents 7 days a week. We know many different languages. So we are available every hour of the day whenever you need us in whatever language you need.

Estimated Time        Hours TBD
Submit your request and we will provide you with the number of hours it will take. Whenever that task is executed, the charge will be the same.

Estimated Cost        $TBD
You control cost. Total cost is based on utilization and consumption. Level 1 & 2 type tasks are $77 per hour. Rates for advanced skillsets vary depending upon the particular core competency. Please contact us to learn more.